Home Tips Make Your Yard an Outdoor Oasis Warm weather is here! Prepare your home for months of outdoor relaxation and entertainment. Whatever your spending limit, enhance an outdoor living space, making it more enjoyable, functional and inviting. From backyard landscaping tips to clever design schemes, turn your home’s exterior into an outdoor oasis for you and your family. Add a fire pit. […]
Home Tips Keep Your House Cool Five Ways to Keep Your House Cool (That Don’t Involve Air Conditioning) As summer temperatures rise, you may be wondering how to keep your house cool. Of course, air conditioning provides the relief most desire. However some may not have air conditioning, or for those who would like to manage their energy costs, there are […]
Buying Buying a House in the Summer Should you consider buying a house in the summer? Are you in the process of searching for your new home? If so, you might be wondering if it is a good time to start your search in the warmer months. Is summer a good time to house hunt? Let’s consider a few pros and cons […]
Team ERA The Team ERA Difference Ready to experience the Team ERA difference? The ERA Real Estate brand is not a one-size-fits-all kind of real estate company. In any stage of your real estate career, we’re dedicated to helping you grow without sacrificing what makes you different. Our job is to make sure you have the tools you need to grow, […]
Team ERA Join Team ERA Why Join Team ERA? Thinking of becoming a real estate professional? Here at ERA First Advantage Realty, we strive to provide our agents with the training, support, and community they need to jumpstart their real estate career, or get it back on track. Our goal is to set you up for success, and we’ve got […]
Home Tips Seasonal Home Maintenance Homeownership is a wonderful thing, but with it comes responsibilities. The change of seasons calls for home maintenance to do lists to make sure your real estate investment is protected and well cared for. When the seasons shifts, follow these few home tasks. SPRING If you can feel a hint of warmth in the air, […]
Home Tips Planning a Yard Sale? Here’s How to Make it Successful Spring is a great time of year to purge your home of unnecessary items and clutter. Why not organize a yard sale and see if you can earn a little money from selling those things? Follow these tips to make sure your yard sale is successful. Helpful Tips for Making your Yard Sale Successful Advertise […]
Buying How Community Trends Impact the Housing Market As the tri-state area continues grow, buyer and sellers should pay attention to new developments. If you are a homeowner or looking to buy a home in the future, it is important to know what’s happening in your community because these trends impact the housing market and home values.  Retail and Lifestyle New malls, shopping […]
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Home Tips Home Tips While on Vacation Going on Vacation? The best vacations are relaxing and stress-free. Unfortunately, many people have a hard time unwinding without worrying about their homes. Follow these home tips while you are planning your vacation to help protect your largest investment while you’re away. Adjust your heating or A/C system. Never turn off your heating or air conditioning […]
Buying The Fair Housing Act The Fair Housing Act: What it is and How it Protects You When you buy, rent or sell a home, apartment or other property, you’re entitled to certain rights under the Fair Housing Act. In honor of Fair Housing Month, let’s review this landmark legislation and what it means to you. The History of the […]
Home Tips Home Design Trends : Backyard & Playroom Do more entertaining both indoors and outdoors with fun, inviting backyard and playroom spaces. Consider these home design trends when remodeling your backyard and playroom. Get the Most from Your Outdoor Space As the weather warms, homeowners seek to enhance their outdoor spaces with popular backyard trends. These tips will help you extend your living […]
Home Tips Home Design Trends : Bedroom & Bathroom Your bedroom and bathroom are most intimate rooms in your house, both where you start as well as end the day. Consider these home design trends when remodeling your bedroom and bathroom. Create a Serene Sanctuary Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. Make it a space that relaxes and […]
Home Tips Home Design Trends : Kitchen & Home Office A remodel is a great way to transform your kitchen and home office into attractive, functional spaces that work with your lifestyle. Consider these home design trends when remodeling your kitchen and office. Revitalize Your Kitchen Thinking about refreshing your kitchen? Jump-start your plans with some of the latest trends and ideas in kitchen design […]
Buying Home Buying Terminology Buying a home is most likely the largest financial commitment you will make. It is important to be knowledgable on the process and real estate terminology. Make sure you are prepared and well informed to make the best decision when buying a home. Appraisals Appraisals are a key step in the home buying process. But […]
Selling Home Curb Appeal Not judging a book by its cover is harder than it sounds. Potential buyers can sometimes latch onto that first impression based on your home’s curb appeal. We know first impressions matter; we want to make sure the right buyer doesn’t stop outside, but comes through your front door. When looking at the outside of […]
Buying The Home Buying Process Let’s Start Your Home Buying Journey Understanding the home buying process can better help you prepare yourself, emotionally and mentally, for what is to come and can alleviate some of that stress! Here is what to expect when buying a home: Before Looking at Homes Get an Agent An agent is going to advocate for […]
Selling Sell Your House Quicker 5 Tips to Sell Your House Quicker Don’t leave the sale of your home up to chance. These five tips are just a few of the things you should do to sell your house and sell it quicker. Clean and declutter. When you make your home a little less personal, it is easier for prospective […]
Buying Home Buying 101 If you’re in the market for a new home, there are several questions you should answer before starting the process. Whether you are a first time home buyers or have moved several times, it is good to take a look at your current finances and be informed with the full home buying process. Here are […]
Selling Determining Your Home’s Market Value What Determines the Market Value of Your Home? The price that a buyer is willing to pay for a property is considered its market value. Market value is based on several different factors, estimated as part of a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). These three major factors – location, condition, and price – determine how much […]
Buying Real Estate Investing 102 Investing in Real Estate Real estate investing is a great way to diversify your assets and build wealth. Once you understand the risks involved, it’s important to understand different types of investing. Interested in investing in real estate? Here are three ways you can invest well in real estate. House Flipping How it works. Flipping is […]