Home Tips March 26, 2024

Home Design Trends : Kitchen & Home Office

A remodel is a great way to transform your kitchen and home office into attractive, functional spaces that work with your lifestyle. Consider these home design trends when remodeling your kitchen and office.

Revitalize Your Kitchen

Thinking about refreshing your kitchen? Jump-start your plans with some of the latest trends and ideas in kitchen design – from bold colors to sophisticated storage solutions.

Colorful cabinets. Recent high-end kitchen design trends have evolved beyond standard white or neutral cabinetry to include more vibrant hues. Consider painting your cabinets a deep blue, earthy green or even a jewel-toned red, and add a more dramatic element to the space.

“Layered” elements. Don’t be afraid to mix and match textures and materials in your kitchen design. A copper sink looks gorgeous with rustic wood countertops; patterned wallpaper provides a stylish contrast to a sleek tile backsplash. Likewise, layering overhead and task lighting creates a warmer ambiance and keeps your space from looking too stark.

​​​​​​​Open shelving. Installing an open or floating shelf declutters countertops while also adding an interesting visual element and showcasing pretty pottery and kitchenwares. Open shelves aren’t just for walls, either – they look great on kitchen islands as well.

Design Your Home Office Space

Whether you’re planning to run a business, work remotely or finally write that novel, you deserve a quality workspace. Here are some tips to help you design a home office that inspires productivity.

Don’t sacrifice form for function. Avoid creating a sterile workplace filled with storage, shelves and a desk. Your home office furniture should complement the other rooms in your home instead of shouting “soulless cubicle.” For instance, if your house has traditional décor, lay the foundation with some warm wood, a comfy love seat and some inspiring artwork.

Organize horizontally and vertically. Most home offices aren’t exactly swimming in square footage. Get office equipment and papers off your desk by hanging floating shelves on the walls. Metal and wooden cube storage is another fun alternative to traditional bookshelves since each space can be used for office supplies, books and various odds-and-ends.

​​​​​​​Let there be light. Natural light energizes your body and invigorates your creativity. It also cuts down on headaches, eye strain and seasonal affective disorder. Just make sure you position your computer so there’s no glare from windows and place a small lamp on your desk for task lighting.

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