Team ERA May 30, 2024

Join Team ERA

Why Join Team ERA? Thinking of becoming a real estate professional? Here at ERA First Advantage Realty, we strive to provide our agents with the training, support, and community they need to jumpstart their real estate career, or get it back on track. Our goal is to set you up for success, and we’ve got the tools to do it!

Discover the Benefits of Learning at Team ERA University

At ERA, we believe that learning matters. That’s why we developed Team ERA University. Gain access to a curated list of live and on-demand courses designed to help you grow your business and fuel your career success. Not only do we offer training at a corporate level, we provide one-on-one development or small group classes from our in-house training team at ERA First Advantage Realty. Stay up-to-date on the most recent market changes, and refresh your knowledge on everyday transaction processes.

What does Team ERA University cover? From productivity to partnership building and technology to tools, our courses are guaranteed to enhance your career. Choose from a comprehensive list of topics, geared toward agents of all experience levels.

How effective is Team ERA University at helping our agents? We’ll let the numbers speak for themselves. ERA agents who have taken Team ERA University training report 30% more listings, 28% more closed units and 35% higher sales volume than those who haven’t.

Here at ERA, we provides endless opportunities to learn. Team ERA members never stop learning, and we never stop empowering them to do so. Our training courses are designed to help you grow your business with topics ranging from business planning to relationship building.

Supercharge Your Real Estate Marketing with ERA’s Advanced Tech®

In the fiercely competitive world of real estate, staying ahead often means harnessing the power of cutting-edge marketing. At ERA, we’ve tailored our marketing technology to be a formidable ally in your journey. We give you the tools you need to take your business to new heights. Choose from corporate automated tools or work side by side with our in-house marketing department.

Effortless Automated Marketing. Turn your new listings into video, social media content, and print-ready marketing materials automatically, all without any additional cost. You’ll also have access to expertly designed property and agent marketing resources, from listing presentations to postcards. All this ensures that you spend more time doing what you truly love—closing deals.

Personal Marketing Department at Your Fingertips? Never second-guess your marketing strategies again. With each new listing, ERA automatically crafts an array of digital marketing assets for you. ERA First Advantage Realty’s in-house marketing team creates personalized materials to help you stand out.

Maximizing Impact with Social Media. Social media is more than just posts; it’s a strategic tool. ERA’s holistic social strategy is to elevate the brand, while spotlighting you, the agent. Harness the ERA Social Tool to streamline your content creation and sharing. Reach potential buyers far beyond your immediate network by using our social media strategies.

Retain More Clients with Help from ERA®

Did you know that while 88% of customers say they are willing to work with their agent again, only 18% actually do? This gap isn’t due to a lack of satisfaction, but rather a missed opportunity in post-transaction engagement. Closing on a property is just the first step in your relationship with your clients. At ERA First Advantage Realty, we believe the end of a transaction is just the beginning of a lasting relationship. ERA helps you build upon that foundation with resources that every homeowner needs, like local contractors, service providers, special offers and more. Our vast array of referral resources with other local businesses helps ensure that you remain the top-of-mind choice for every homeowner.

Offer more than just a home. Imagine a service that extends beyond handing over the keys. Our ERA Moves program offers white-glove utility connection services, so your clients enjoy a seamless transition into their new homes. With up to 15 personalized emails featuring local and national offers sent from YOU before closing, your clients are bound to feel the warmth of your thoughtful touch.

Stay memorable with ERA® Follow-Up Program. Clients may love and appreciate your work, but life gets busy and memories fade. That’s why we’ve crafted the ERA® Follow-Up program. Without any additional effort on your part, we regularly send branded, hyperlocal offers to your former clients. This keeps your services fresh in their minds. It’s more than just a retention program; it’s a promise of long-term commitment.

Step Into The Spotlight with #TEAMERA

In the fast-paced world of real estate, having a supportive community behind you can make all ​​​​​​​the difference. When you join #TEAMERA, you become part of a close-knit community that prioritizes collaboration, recognition and well-being, both in business and life.

In Your Corner Every Step of the Way. Discover a culture of support, mentoring and camaraderie. From peer-to-peer groups to regional conferences, you’ll find numerous platforms to network and learn from industry leaders and fellow agents.

Stronger Together. We believe in celebrating every milestone and learning from each other. Our annual Fuel conference and regional Boost meet-ups are the perfect launchpads for transforming your business through networking, skill-building and gaining insights from industry stalwarts.

Recognition That Matches Your Hustle. Your hard work deserves to be celebrated. At #TEAMERA, we highlight your achievements through our awards and recognition program, applauding your dedication and success.

ERA Cares Across Communities. Become part of a network that values giving back. Our ERA Cares Across Communities initiative encourages and empowers you to support causes close to your heart. At ERA First Advantage Realty, we feel a responsibility to be a part of the community, and help wherever and however we can. Although a great part of community service is meeting people and seeing new faces, our end goal is to always give back leaving things better than we found them. ERA First Advantage Realty was awarded with the 2022 ERA Circle of Light Award for Community Leadership, among all ERA Real Estate franchises internationally, an award based on community involvement and service.

Experience Matters

Ready to experience the #TEAMERA difference? The ERA Real Estate brand is not a one-size-fits-all kind of real estate company. Whether you want to supercharge your business, build your brand, or take advantage of the collaborative culture and support, we’re dedicated to helping you grow without sacrificing what makes you different. Our job is to make sure you have the tools you need to grow, thrive, and be your most successful self. With the ERA Real Estate brand, you’re empowered to build your success in your own unique way by tapping into the right mix of game-changing technology, innovative products, and powerful lead generation – all designed to boost your productivity and your potential. Join Team ERA!