Selling February 15, 2024

Home Curb Appeal

Not judging a book by its cover is harder than it sounds. Potential buyers can sometimes latch onto that first impression based on your home’s curb appeal. We know first impressions matter; we want to make sure the right buyer doesn’t stop outside, but comes through your front door. When looking at the outside of your home, consider these three things – landscaping, the front door, and your home’s exterior – when considering how to make the best first impression.


Increasing your home’s curb appeal is one of the easiest ways to attract buyers faster and get the return you want on your home. By focusing on your landscaping, you can attract more potential buyers by adding clean, easy to take care of items. Here are some examples:

  • Plant a few extra flowers along the front of the house or along pathways.
  • Add subtle lighting to highlight your designs.
  • Build retaining walls to give contour to your landscaping and keep your soil happy and healthy.
  • Power wash walkways to make them look brand new.

Time to put those green thumbs to use! Not the handy type? If in doubt, bring in a landscaper! No one will judge you for calling in the cavalry to add some professional pizzazz to your front yard.

The Front Door

You might be surprised to learn that just the color or decoration around a front door can change the way a potential buyer feels about your whole home. The front door is the transition between the outdoor and indoor experience. This home update doesn’t need to be complicated; by making a few easy changes, you can make sure the buyer’s journey continues to be pleasant as they enter your home.

  • Give your door a fresh coat of paint. That may sound obvious, but a new vibrant coat of paint goes a long ways.
  • Place planters of flowers next to the door to add more color. You get bonus points for matching the flowers to your newly painted door!
  • Hang a wreath, sign, or decorative door knocker to add more depth or just a little seasonal fun to your entryway.
  • Make sure you have good lighting to show off your beautifully decorated front door.

Spruce up your front door and draw in more prospects, all while having fun doing it!

Home Exterior

When getting ready to sell your home, don’t forget the outside of the building. Sometimes, improving the curb appeal of your home and winning that first impression is as simple as cleaning the house. Take a look at this checklist of exterior home cleaning tips:

  • Pressure wash the siding. Pressure washing can be fun and, of course, rewarding! Clear away the grime and get your home to shine.
  • Are the gutters clogging up? Time to hop back on that ladder and clear out any debris or hire a team to do the dirty work.
  • Apply a fresh coat of paint, if you’re looking for a larger update for greater rewards.
  • Add shutters or flower boxes to your windows for that cozy cottage look.

Whether it’s a fun, large project or a good old fashioned deep clean, every little bit helps to raise that curb appeal. Potential buyers are going to look at the outside of your home. Let’s make sure they want to look at the inside of it too! At ERA First Advantage Realty, we know experience matters. Connect with a local ERA agent today!